This is a memoir of my professional life. Many aspects of a rather diverse career in medicine and biomedical science over more than 60 years are noted. However, this is not a biography or a scientific account, although there are some elements of each.

I am hugely indebted for the support of my family. My father encouraged the early explorations of an uncertain future. My wife, Jane, was marvelous and never asked for fur coats or larger houses and tolerated the long hours I spent in the laboratory or on many trips to meetings and programs in the far reaches of the world. Finally, my children, Marguerite, James and Cathy gave essential support to Jane and me.

I am deeply grateful to the many stimulating colleagues who have contributed to the enjoyment and satisfactions (and challenges) during these years. Many who provided support, guidance and assistance have not been properly acknowledged in this account. Indeed, many scientific questions and educational issues may not be well framed. There could have been more critique, more dialogue, and more personalities. Perhaps these will be added in a future edition or in a separate account of my life and times.

My professional colleagues, postdoctoral fellows and key staff at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are listed in Chapter 18A; and those at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) are listed in Chapter 18B. My apologies for missing many. None of these activities could have been accomplished without these people who were generous and supportive. None of it was done alone.

Not all the events could be or should be included. The quirks of incomplete or time-shaded memory will certainly be evident to those who have shared these times and places. I ask your understanding and will welcome gentle corrections and amplifications.

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John L. Fahey
July 2011